Gerald McCoy doesn’t get it

Gerald McCoy doesn't get it

Recently Gerald McCoy spoke to the media and essentially stated that fans were taking things to far in terms of berating coach Greg Schiano. I don’t think it has gone far enough. Never have I seen a coach so disliked, so riddled with bad press (the Freeman leak, MRSA, his love of Bill Bellichek, his lack of respect for former players and for not allowing kids at practice who once attended through a charity) in all my years following football. This is a big kids game, and if Schiano can’t win ball games he is going to hear it. If thousands of people assemble to watch me do my job, and I haven’t won in the last seven games, what does McCoy expect? The losing is bad enough, but Schiano’s asshole factor is so high, it just magnifies Bucs fans rage. Sorry Greg, but until you leave town, you will hear from the voices of a few, the anger maintained by all of the Buc fans in this town. Oh, and if I pay for a ticket, I can yell whatever I want at that loser. Sorry Gerald, if you or Greg’s feelings are hurt.


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