Is Tampa the worst place for football fans in America?

Is Tampa the worst place for football fans in America?

I know, a bold statement. However the current state of football in this town has me beyond concerned. If I was handed a pen and pad and asked “Write a plausible Worst Season Possible story for 2013” I couldn’t put together a narrative worse than what has unfolded up until this point. The Freeman debacle, the Freeman drug rumor leak, MRSA in the locker room that won’t go away, and a winless record. And this dates back to the Raheem Morris era, as a woefully underqualified coach (DBs coach, to Head Coach to DB coach of the worst secondary in the league, the Redskins) concluded 2011 with 10 straight losses. Then the hard ass former Rutgers Coach has taken the team to new lows. How can that locker room not be a seething cauldron of hate, resentment and utter disdain for Schiano? He should be fired immediately, as that is the only action that will give any sort of breath of fresh air and relief to Tampa’s Bucs fans. Oh and the Glazers are asleep at the wheel as well, and essentially hiding from the situation in terms of a public presence.

Then we have the USF Bulls football program. A program that was longing to put the Skip Holtz era behind them, who simply wanted a fresh start. Well they got it, a start essentially taking the team to square one, perhaps behind the days of Jim Levitt building the team from a trailer near the intermural fields. An opening beatdown at the hands of McNeese St ( a division 2 team, who they paid $400,000.00 to be their opening Cupcake) and a loss to FAU have put the program at square one. Why can’t any of these coaches recruit talent here locally, a skill Skip Holtz Particularly lacked. I do blame a lot of this on SKip Holtz, but the administration is also to blame, and the athletic director needs to be fired. I cannot be optimistic right now, despite back to back wins over Cincinnati (how that happened, I remain stunned) and a winless, abortion of a UConn team who was winless, I fear that the program is going to be left in the cold once the NCAA shakes up its conferences into a playoff system and the Bulls are relegated to playing at the D2 level. I am at a loss as to how this can be avoided.

I am a sports fan, a football fan primarily in Tampa, and I feel as if this was the “Football year that died” that I will never forget. I wonder if my teams will be able to, or recover from it anytime soon. The apathy, particularly for USF, grows…..


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