Red Skinny – Enough already with the team name faux controversy

Red Skinny - Enough already with the team name faux controversy

I can’t recall talking with friends who are sportsfans, or people around the water cooler and the topic of the Redskins name being offensive having come up. Its an issue that gets revived by the media. They seem to have a much bigger issue with it than anyone in the public. Although I don’t live in DC and I am not a skins fan, I view this as such a non issue. The argument is that if it was the Los Angles Yellow Skins or the Atlanta Darkies, it would be offensive. Sure, if the team got introduced into the sports landscape in 2013. But this is a name that has been part of the sports landscape for what? 40 years, maybe more. Its issues like this that are held out as significant when the media should be talking about the real concerns of the citizens. Ask yourself, would you have ever brought up this team name to a friend or co worker on your own? Come on, you know you wouldn’t. And for the small number of people who would “organically” bring up this issue, those folks are not enough to force the owner of a team to change a longstanding brand which is largely recognizable for being well, recognizable.


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